Warehouse Racking Collapse Videos

Here is what can happen and two ways to avoid catastrophic warehouse racking failure in our article below the videos. 

Warehouse Racking Collapse Lessons Learned

These warehouse racking collapse videos show the importance of rack engineering and pallet rack repair safety. The results of carelessness in the warehouse situation can be catastrophic for inventory and most tragically for the lives of and health of the workers in the warehouses. The weights and stresses, particularly on the bases of the columns, are immense. The critical need to keep your racking systems inspected and in good repair cannot be overstated. The primary causes of catastrophic warehouse racking collapse are: 

  1. Undetected damage to uprights

  2. Improper inspection and maintenance 

  3. Delay in rack repair

  4. Forklift accidents

  5. Improper loading and installation

  6. Pallets breaking on shelves

  7. Failure to protect key stress points with guards

Don't Delay Rack Inspections

Inspections are one of the keys to keep your warehouse racking systems from collapsing. Inspections should take place at least once per quarter in a moderately busy warehouse. It is critical that inspectors who know exactly where to look and what type of damage requires repair. Mac Rak can inspect and deliver an inspection report detailing costs and timelines for the pallet rack repair kit installation. In our plant in Missouri we can engineer and manufacture all needed repair parts. We can then install your engineered rack repairs to help you prevent warehouse collapse. We are here to help you in your efforts to create a safe and productive warehouse rack system for your company. 

Pallet Rack Upright Guards and End of Aisle Guards

Also critical to preventing catastrophic warehouse racking collapse, is the use of pallet rack upright guards, and end of aisle guards. Mac Rak manufactures solid structural steel pallet rack guards that prevent forklifts from impacting your racking system. Our pallet rack guards all independently bolt into the floor with their own anchor points. This transfers the force of the impact to the ground rather than to your rack upright. Additionally, we have one of the most robust end of aisle guards available. It is a massive structural steel protector that wraps your whole base in solid steel. It is anchored by four 7" anchor points. It is this level of protection that prevents impact damage from forklifts before it even happens. A Mac Rak expert can help you determine what type of protectors would be best for your warehouse situation. 

Warehouse Repair Experts

Our Mac Rak repair experts would love to hear more about your project. Schedule your damage inspection or request a quote.

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