3 Rack Repair Trends for 2021

1. Focus on Your Pallet Rack Repair Supply Chain

If anything, in 2020 we learned a valuable lesson that the global supply chain can turn on a dime. One day it is fine, the next day it is shut down. It is the rack repair supply chain partners in the USA who could access their rack repair parts when they needed them. When you are in need of a large rack repair job for various types of racks in your warehouse, or need an emergency quick ship repair, you need a Pallet Rack Supply chain partner like Mac Rak Incorporated. Mac Rak has its manufacturing and distribution facility located in Missouri, in the heart of the USA, centrally located, to ensure that you get your parts fast and without interruption. Domestic manufacturing allows us to customize rack repair parts fast and deliver quickly. As always, our parts are engineered to ANSI RMI-16.1 standards. Mac Rak uses certified Domestic Steel that meets ANSI certification standards. Mac Rak Inc. is the founding member of the RMI, (Rack Manufacturers Institute) pallet rack repair industry subgroup. This guarantees you that our products meet the highest industry standards available. This maintains your warehouse safely and efficiently without interruption.

2. Focus on Turnkey Rack Repair Partners

When online demand is rising and your warehouses are humming, you need a pallet rack repair partner that is ready at your service. We are just an email or phone call away. Our team of experts is here with the right part, the right engineering, the right inspections and the right installations. Your repairs are done efficiently and expertly; keeping your warehouse running and your stress level low. Mac Rak and our distribution partners are here to do it all for you!

3. Focus on Early and Frequent Pallet Rack Inspections

Ask yourself this question, Am I my putting rack repairs off too long? If so, what are the consequences?

Don’t put off rack inspections or repairs. As we saw pressure on the materials handling industry rise in 2020, you need a rack repair partner that can help you stay ahead of the issues, inspecting at regular intervals. Schedule your inspections today to give yourself peace of mind. Don’t wait until things are getting into disrepair to start thinking about finding someone to do your inspection. Rather schedule them early and often throughout the year. Quarterly inspections are recommended to make sure your racks are functioning within design specification and that your potential problem areas have been identified and properly protected with pallet rack guards. Mac Rak and our distribution network are here to make sure your racks and your valuable company team members are kept safe. Partner with Mac Rak to send your most valuable assets home safely every evening to their families.

Contact Mac Rak today to keep up with all the latest trends in the engineered rack repair and rack protection industry for 2021.

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Mac Rak is a pallet rack repair company

providing engineered repair and protection products for warehouses. 

Affiliations:  SAE International | Global Cold Chain Alliance | MHEDA | National Safety Council | MHI | SME

We are North America's oldest and largest provider of engineered pallet rack repair and protection products and services. Sales and administration headquartered in Lockport IL. Manufacturing performed at our 70,000 square foot facility situated on our 12-acre parcel in Moberly MO. Since its inception, Mac Rak products and services have been and continue to be driven by engineering oversite.

As an Associate member of The Rack Manufacturers Institute, all repair kits meet or exceed ANSI/RMI 16.1 specifications