Non-Protruding Deflector (NPD)

This reinforced column kit offers ultimate repair and protection against outrigger impact damage, the most common cause of frame damage. Made of the same punch style as the parent frame. Recommended for narrow aisles, due to 1/4" deflector protrusion.

It accommodates most beam levels above 12”. The repair kit reuses existing factory bracing or accepts new bracing when needed. The front post is reinforced with a backer channel for additional strength. It is available with V-nose deflectors, non-protruding deflectors, or internal deflectors for added protection to the bottom of the column. It has a massive 3/8” thick oversized footplate with two 3/4”x7” anchors for high impact resistance and minimal twisting. 

STEEL GAUGE: Minimum 12 gauge Steel (55,000 PSI min yield) 3/16” outer clamp, ⅛” top cap, ⅜” footplate, ¼” deflectors
ROLL/STRUCTURAL: Roll form (Structural with Mac Rak approva.)
STYLE: Bolt (Welded available by special order)
NUMBER OF ANCHORS:  Two, 3/4" X 7"
ANCHOR DIMS: 3/4" X 7"
FOOTPLATE DIMS: 4’x12” X 3/8" standard
COLOR: All color options available*
PUNCH: Available in most punch styles
PROTECTOR TYPE: V-Nose, Non-Protruding, Internal reinforcement
(custom deflector options are always available)
SIZE OPTIONS: Available in all heights over 2'-0"
* Available powder coat paint colors are common industry-standard colors. Exact match is not guaranteed.
POWDER COAT: This process offers durability with any long-lasting finish to any standard rack color option. View RAL code color choices online
(Customization available, we punch 30 different punch styles)
Mac Rak's Advantage-NPD engineered repair kits include a Limited Lifetime Impact Warranty up to the top of the deflector.
All Mac Rak products include a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing or workmanship defects.
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Mac Rak is a pallet rack repair company

providing engineered repair and protection products for warehouses. 

Affiliations:  SAE International | Global Cold Chain Alliance | MHEDA | National Safety Council | MHI | SME

We are North America's oldest and largest provider of engineered pallet rack repair and protection products and services. Sales and administration headquartered in Lockport IL. Manufacturing performed at our 70,000 square foot facility situated on our 12-acre parcel in Moberly MO. Since its inception, Mac Rak products and services have been and continue to be driven by engineering oversite.

As an Associate member of The Rack Manufacturers Institute, all repair kits meet or exceed ANSI/RMI 16.1 specifications