To provide documentation of Mac Rak’s continual investment in structural engineering testing and to add proof of our claim that our repair kits conform to ANSI / RMI 16.1


Level 1 – Mac Rak Letter


The first level of documentation is a formal letter from Mac Rak addressed to you and referencing your specific project stating:


“Provided that proper installation is performed by a qualified / certified  Mac Rak Installer, and that the pallet rack system is being operated in an acceptable manner per current standards and capacity ratings as dictated from the original Rack Manufacturer’s Design, repaired frames, as a result of using Mac Rak’s bolt rack repair components, have as much or more carrying capacity as their original undamaged frame specification given this constant application.”

Level 2 – Similar Approval


The second level of documentation is a copy of a previous structural P.E. stamp review and approval of a previous applicable Mac Rak project.  All original commercial identification information is removed from these documents. What is left are drawings, as similar in nature as possible to your application, stating that these repairs are as strong or stronger than the original undamaged frame. 


Level 3 – P.E. stamp for your Project


Your individual pallet rack repair project may be submitted for P.E. review and stamp approval.  Specific details regarding your pallet rack system configuration and composition for all areas under repair consideration will be submitted to Mac Rak.  This information along with all respective Mac Rak repair kit CAD drawings are submitted for this review and approval. Please contact Mac Rak corporate office for cost and program details.

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Mac Rak is a pallet rack repair company

providing engineered repair and protection products for warehouses. 

Affiliations:  SAE International | Global Cold Chain Alliance | MHEDA | National Safety Council | MHI | SME