How We Operate

Mac Rak’s entire organization is solely dedicated to one business and one business alone, provide the industry with exceptional world-class, American made, pallet rack repair and protection solutions.


The Survey

After selecting Mac Rak Incorporated as your engineered pallet rack repair company, the single most important phase of any pallet rack repair project is unquestionably the survey. It is critical that the survey is conducted by a qualified damage rack inspector. Mac Rak provides our dealers expert survey training and the most complete “toolbox” containing resources to ensure accuracy. Included among Mac Rak’s personnel are some of the most highly trained, experienced, professional damaged rack assessors in the industry. They are a readily available resource to provide supplemental field support to our dealers when requested.

During all damaged pallet rack Surveys, the visible damage to loaded pallet rack systems (as observed from floor level) is recorded for the purpose of submitting to you a confidential pallet rack repair proposal. Specific components targeted for review include front and back columns, horizontal and diagonal struts, footplates and anchors.


Damaged pallet rack repair proposals are comprised of two documents. The first is a detailed list which will identify the location of all damaged rack components by referencing their adjacent pallet slot location. The second contains an aggregate repair cost proposal (material and labor) based on a summarized bill of materials generated from your specific audit. When possible, representative pictures of the damaged rack components may be included in the audit report.


Our American Manufacturing Process

Mac Rak produces our entire product line in America. We own and operate our facility located in Moberly, Missouri. There is no outsourcing of foreign materials which guarantees you the highest quality products. We maintain complete control over the design and manufacturing of all of our products. American sourced steel is brought in one door and the strongest, unsurpassed engineered pallet rack repair products ship out the other. All Mac Rak roll form punched post-repair kits are made in house from prime 55,000 psi minimum yield steel.


The Installation Process

A pallet rack repair can typically be performed in 20 minutes when using Mac Rak’s engineered and tested, proprietary hydraulic lifting jack. Rack repair is a process that offers minimal off-loading and disassembly of the rack components as well as minimal disruption to operations. Mac Rak’s installers undergo a comprehensive training program comprised of documented operating procedures along with extensive field training. Rack repair projects may be scheduled for any shift, including weekends, and will be performed by fully insured trained professional installers.


Documentation and Ongoing Surveys

At the conclusion of each repair project, your Mac Rak representative continues working with you to prepare a schedule for future damaged rack inspection surveys and consulting in the interim.

Rack Repair Experts

Our Mac Rak repair experts would love to hear more about your project. Schedule your damage assessment or request a quote.

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Mac Rak is a pallet rack repair company providing engineered repair and protection products for warehouses. 


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