Warehouse Rack Collapse Videos

Pallet Rack Collapse Lessons Learned

These rack collapse videos show the serious nature of rack engineering and pallet rack repair safety. The results of carelessness in the warehouse situation can be catastrophic for inventory and most tragically for the lives of and health of the workers in the warehouses. The weights and stresses particularly on the bases of the columns is immense. The critical need for strength and engineering for the upright legs of pallet racks cannot be overstated. 

Your Rack Repair Partner

Mac Rak keeps the critical nature of pallet rack repair top of mind. Everything we do from our engineering, to assessments, to sourcing steel, to manufacturing, to installation must all be done to the highest standards. 

We are here to help you in your efforts to create a safe and productive warehouse rack system for your company. 

Rack Repair Experts

Our Mac Rak repair experts would love to hear more about your project. Schedule your damage assessment or request a quote.

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Mac Rak is a pallet rack repair company

providing engineered repair and protection products for warehouses. 

Affiliations:  SAE International | Global Cold Chain Alliance | MHEDA | National Safety Council | MHI | SME