Our Commitment to Engineered Pallet Rack Repair and Protection Products

Since the inception of our company, Mac Rak’s culture and process has centered on attaining and conforming to engineered review and approval. For decades, Mac Rak has worked closely with independent P.E. experts in the field of warehouse pallet racking to ensure that Mac Rak met and surpassed performance criteria. Engineers scrutinize every detail such as column axial force, torsional buckling, column splice strength, brace continuity, covering every aspect of every product. 

Every phase of Mac Rak’s offering, from our inspection criteria, to the design and construction of our repair and protection product, to our specific standard installation procedures all meet or exceed every engineering requirement in RMI/ANSI 16.1 related to pallet rack repair. 


Mac Rak is pleased to offer a variety of engineering services listed below. Each of these provides critical support in your ongoing efforts to maintain the highest degree of operational safety in your warehouse.  Trust and rest easy that teaming up with Mac Rak’s “best in class” engineering will protect your employees, your capital assets and your valuable inventory.

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Mac Rak is a pallet rack repair company

providing engineered repair and protection products for warehouses.