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ELITE Vertical Leg Repair

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Mac Rak's Elite, Advantage and Bulldog product lines include a lifetime impact warranty
All Mac Rak products include a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing or workmanship defects.


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Pallet Rack Repair Videos

This video shows our belief that Made in America  means everything.
This video demonstrates the advantage and benefits of Mac Rak's rack repair process over traditional frame replacement.
We are North America's oldest and largest provider of engineered pallet rack repair and protection products and services. Sales and administration headquartered in Lockport IL. Manufacturing performed at our 70,000 square foot facility situated on our 12-acre parcel in Moberly MO. Since its inception, Mac Rak products and services have been and continue to be driven by engineering oversite.
As an Associate member of The Rack Manufacturers Institute, all repair kits meet or exceed ANSI/RMI 16.1 specifications. 

Damaged Rack Surveys 

The single most important phase of any pallet rack repair project begins with an accurate damage assessment. Mac Rak provides expert survey training and the most complete assessment toolbox to ensure accuracy. We inspect your pallet rack columns for deflection or breakage. We inspect your rack frames anchors for sheered footplates or twists. We check for missing or loose anchors. Our experts are trained to spot things that you might not see in your warehouse racking.  We have pallet rack damage assessments templates that guide us through this process. 

Nationwide Rack Repair Installations

Strategically located, professionally trained and certified installation teams guarantee that your pallet rack repairs are done professionally and to regulation specifications. We can install all of the parts and repairs to meet all codes and warehouse racking safety standards. Our pallet rack repair kits are often installed with about 50% disruption to your warehouse operation than any other repair method. 
Mac Rak's project management team ensures a successful project completed on time and on budget with minimal disruption. 
Engineered Pallet Rack Repair Kits
Mac Rak continues to lead the industry by investing in continued testing and analysis to provide the safest engineered repair products available.
All products and processes are overseen by independent PE's to ensure conformance to all applicable the industry standards including ANSI MH 16.1-2012. Mac Rak is a RMI member the industry's engineering standards organization. 
Made In
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Integrated Rack Repair and Protection
Mac Rak designs, engineers and manufactures all of our products in-house. Mac Rak punched post products are produced using prime 50,000 minimum yield steel. We cut, punch, form, weld, powder coat and inspect each product at our own facility. We produce over 30 column designs which allows Mac Rak to offer repairs for all types of racks on all types of rack systems. Our optional Quick ship program ensures that you have extremely quick access to this enormous product line.

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